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As Your Mediator I Promise You

As your mediator we come with advanced skills and knowledge to mediate your case. We have life-skills as well as an education background in insurance, real estate and investment. Mrs. Shooter, a published author since 2001 wrote and works with parents concerning divorce. She believes a “parenting plan” regarding children and families is paramount when acquiring a “Healthy Divorce”. Your mediator will bring these skills to the table to add to your strengths as a resource and guide. It would be a disservice to have you think that all you need to assist you in your case is your mediator. When outside professionals are needed, your mediator will inform you that in order to have a good outcome you might want to consider bringing in your accountant, financial consultant, social worker, divorce coach, real estate professional etc. to protect your family, assets, investments well being etc. However this is your process. How you want to handle this process is up to you.

  1. Since this is your mediation and you will not be going to a court hearing, as your mediator I promise your mediation will take less time and cost about 20% of what a divorce through litigation would cost.
  2. When you mediate, you make the decisions, (instead of a judge) on how you want to structure your agreement. As your mediator, I promise this is your mediation. My job as your mediator is to be neutral as you both work to find the best solution. Best of all, you can decide to arrange a trial period to give an idea or concept a period of time to work. If it does not work, you may come back and make an appointment with your mediator to come up with an alternative plan. With litigation your only option is to file a new lawsuit.
  3. When the judge makes a decision on your behalf, it might not be the best decision for either one of you. As your mediator, I will give you the time to make good decisions. You will not be rushed like in litigation to come up with an agreement. Think about how many life affecting decisions have been written and agreed to in a matter of minutes on the court house steps. That would never happen to our clients. Make sure your decisions are tailored for your particular needs and directed to what is best for your family.
  4. As your mediator, I will encourage you to simply have a conversation. Mediation teaches better communication skills; especially for impressionable children watching their parents. We have seen a “Healthy Divorce” can result in better communication and kept promises. Both parties strive to abide to negotiated agreements and comply with the guidelines set forth and agreed to.
  5. As your mediator, my files are confidential, court files are public record that anyone can pull and see. Your mediation is confidential and behind close doors.

As your mediator I will listen to your concerns. If you are too shy to express yourself, it is my job to help balance the power so all will be heard.

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