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Changing The Way We Think About Divorce

From Start to Finish use mediation.
The Children and Mediation

There is one more item to consider. If you have children, we at Maryland Divorce Mediation believe in maintaining the family unit, not tear it down. Our practice realizes the family structure has changed, however the dynamics of your family, what you as individuals and as a family component represents and stands for; must never change. This is an area where we at Maryland Divorce Mediation shine. Since 2001, as a state provider, our founder has authored and taught thousands of parents in counseling as well as education, the mandatory “Divorce and Stabilization Program Concept”. The entire program is dedicated to the co-parent. Our founder Deborah Shooter wrote and published the book and program “A Healthy Divorce”. This program with the courts permission has been used since 2001 retraining parents to recognize how important their role is as a co-parent, especially when going through a divorce. Therefore like thousands of other families we can help you facilitate a parenting plan that works for your family. A plan to make sure your children come out of this stronger, more confident, and ready to move forward to their next phase of life. Your journey; and the path your children go down starts with you. Our job is to make sure you have covered all of the issues to keep you on a healthy path, a healthy journey. There is such a thing as a “Healthy Divorce”. Our company has been practicing and teaching this way of life since the year 2001. We believe in the family and we believe in you.












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