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Washington DC Divorce Mediation

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Considering filing a Maryland Divorce or a DC Divorce? Mediation Might Be Your Best Solution

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A Washington DC divorce is one of the most stressful events a person can face during their lifetime. This is especially true when child custody issues arise. Indeed, the divorce process can often create a great deal of emotional strain on everyone involved, and dealing with the court can be frustrating and lengthy.

Worse, when a divorce is settled in Washington DC or Montgomery County Court a judge makes the final determination on every issue, including those involving child custody and support. It is our opinion that nobody knows the needs of your family better than you, and there is a way that you can maintain complete control over the outcome of your divorce settlement (after it is approved by a judge).

Mediation is the answer to many people’s dilemma on how to proceed with a divorce. The advantages of choosing mediation include staying out of court, and keeping the overall cost of your Washington DC divorce to a minimum. In cases involving Montgomery County child custody issues, this can be especially important.

No one ever enters into a marriage believing that it will one day end in divorce, but when there is no chance of reconciliation then it makes good sense to consider all of your alternatives. In Montgomery County, mediation is a means by which persons seeking a divorce can act in the best interests of their family in a private, peaceful setting. By choosing mediation over litigation, you ensure that you get the final say when it comes to child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and Montgomery County property division.

Today, more Washington DC and Montgomery County residents are choosing to mediate their divorce than ever before. With the economy struggling, people understand that every penny saved will help bolster the success of their child later in life. On average, meditation in Washington DC and Montgomery County costs 80 percent less than a divorce through litigation.

If you are hopeful of maintaining at atmosphere of civility with your ex-spouse, then it might be time to consider all of your alternatives and find out whether mediation is right for you. We offer mediation services in Washington DC, Montgomery County, and Prince George, and Howard County in Maryland. We are ready to answer all of your most pressing questions including sensitive issues involving child custody. Call us today and start getting answers.

How Do I Know if Mediation is Best in My Situation?

This is an important question to ask, and it can only be answered via honest insight and self-reflection. First and foremost, both parties must be willing to ready to participate in the mediation process. This does not mean that they have to agree – if agreement were possible it’s likely that you wouldn’t be seeking a Washington DC divorce in the first place.

A mediator strives to keep lines of communication open and create an atmosphere of civility so that negotiations can proceed to a solution that both parties agree is fair. This can be especially difficult when issues such as child custody arise, as each parent may have a very different idea of what is best for their child.

From Washington DC to Montgomery County child custody issues are common, but no two cases are ever the same. A quality mediator understands this simple fact, and seeks to guide both parties to make decisions that are in the best interests of their child.

Still, child custody is not the only issue couples face during a Washington DC or Montgomery County divorce. A mediator can help with other contentious issues that include…

  • Montgomery County Property Division
  • Maryland Child Support
  • Washington DC Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)
  • Montgomery County Child Custody Parenting Plans

Keep in mind that mediation is not about winning or losing. Most people agree that a contentious divorce is bad for everyone, from child to parents, and if the court decides the outcome it is likely that neither party will be happy with the end result.

Mediation allows willing participants to put aside petty differences to avoid the court and reach an agreement by adhering to non-adversarial methods. Even the court recognizes that when arrangements are made and agreed upon by both divorcing parties they are far more likely to be followed. This is especially true in cases involving child custody where a parenting plan must be drafted.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that even if you seek litigation to settle your Washington DC divorce, it is likely the court will order you to participate in mediation for every issue from child custody to property division. Statistics show that 97 percent of divorces and child custody parental agreements are settled via mediation.

Why not make the decision today to settle your Washington DC divorce through mediation? If the outcome is going to be the same whether you seek litigation or not, it makes sense to save as much money and hassle as you can.

Montgomery County Child Custody

We Understand How Sensitive Child Custody Issues Can Be

There is no denying that issues involving Montgomery County child custody can be some of the most difficult to overcome. Every parent wants what is best for their child, but a divorce can alter one’s life plans and make it difficult to recognize what is actually best for a child.

Most agree that a protracted legal battle in Washington DC or Montgomery County court is not healthy for a child. Even though it may be difficult, by working hard to reach an agreement with an ex-spouse over child custody issues, much of the emotional strain that a divorce case causes a child can be mitigated.

This is not to say that mediation is easy. When child custody issues or other touchy subjects arise, feelings of resentment and anger can surface. Be mindful that this is normal. Your mediator understands how important the outcome is to you and your child, and will use their expertise to keep negotiations moving forward when stumbling blocks arise.

Contact Us Today for More Information About Mediation

If you are a resident of Washington DC, or Montgomery County, Howard or Prince George County in Maryland, you can contact us today to get more information about mediation. Whether you are facing sensitive Montgomery County child custody issues, or simply need help negotiation your Washington DC divorce with an ex-spouse, we can help.

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